ServerLink Security (ESSENTIAL EDITION) Protection 12 months support license
ServerLink Security (ESSENTIAL EDITION) 12 Months Support License
ServerLink Security (ESSENTIAL EDITION) 12 Months Support License
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SERVERLINK SECURITY (ESSESNTIAL EDITION) Protection 12 months supports License
Includes Major Protections

– Geo-Restriction for RDP
– Prevent Brute-Force attack
– Working Hours restriction 
– Permission (Folder access permission)

Support License is required if:-
ServerLink Security (ESSENTIAL EDITION) is a lifetime license. 
No annual license renewal is needed.

However, the Support License is charged separately if...
- Re-Host License on the formatted Windows 
- Re-host License to a new hardware
- Run Update Release for patches or bug fix
- Run Update Release for version upgrade
- and all forms of support services needed