Virtual Printer 5 Users
Virtual Printer 5 Users
Virtual Printer 5 Users
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ServerLink Virtual Printer

Easy printing from your remote applications to your local printer. Native print dialogs and faster printing make it the ultimate remote desktop printing tool!

Print from a Remote Desktop or a RemoteApp session to your local printer. Printer redirection software allowing to use local printers in a remote desktop session.
ServerLink Virtual Printer is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for ServerLink remote desktop printing.

It allows using your local printer on a remote desktop. The program creates a virtual printer on the remote server and maps it to the local printer as if your local printer were plugged directly to the server-side. So, you can print to your local printer from the remote session or application.


ServerLink Virtual Printer is a printing solution for ServerLink environments. Users print directly to their local printers without installing printer drivers on any ServerLink server.

The program consists of Workstation and Server parts. The workstation part should be installed on the local computer or a thin client. Server-side goes to the remote server and creates the Virtual Printer. The Virtual Printer is mapped over the existing remote desktop connection to a local hardware printer or even network printer.

There is also no need to worry about drivers on the server as the software already has everything it needs to work flawlessly. 

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